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custom artwork

CHF 125.00    |    EUR 130.00    |    USD 130.00

With the same process and art style as a custom tattoo design, I now also offer the possibility to order a (digital) custom art piece made specially for you.

You can share with me your wish, the story behind your wish, why you want this design, what you want to bring out, what it will represent for you. Feel free to send me screenshots of my own pieces from Instagram that inspire you. The more info you share with me, the best!

More about my work

My pieces are designed in my own style, with my own little creative mind and "universe" which is inspired by nature, the wild, horses, spirituality, minimalism, self-growth (...).

• I do not design big and complex pieces. As for logo designs, please follow this link here.

• I give myself the freedom to decline a design request if I feel like it doesn't align to my art style or ethics.
• Anything you share with me is confidential, nothing will be shared publicly. Also, I will always ask for your permission before sharing the final design publicly on social media or here.

For a custom piece commission, please fill out the form below or send me an email with your name, project, and story at and let me know what payment method you'd prefer (PayPal* or Twint for Swiss people). I will send you my payment information after our first talk. :)

Once I receive your story and project idea, I will share with you some sketch, ask for your feedback, add changes if needed and discuss with you until the final design is ready and speaks to your soul.

The process can take up to 4 weeks.

Once final, your design will ben sent to you in a .jpg file with both white and original backgrounds for you to print it if you'd like. Your design can be printed on an organic tote bag by my small printer in the South of France for a special extra cost of CHF 12.00 + shipping.

*please be aware that PayPal might add extra fees due to the currency change from CHF to your country's currency

Fill out the contact form

Thank you for your request, I will get

back to you as soon as possible :)

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