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honey & hooves

I am beyond happy that my art brought you here. If you would like to work with me and create a logo for your business/services/brand, please send me a message or fill out the form at the end of the page.


A logo is the core of your business/brand. It is important for me to get to know as much as possible about yourself and your project in order to deliver a design that represent your work and is in line with you. Working on a logo requires a lot of time, research and communication and can sometimes take a few reworks and edits until it speaks to your soul.

You can share with me your wish, the story behind your business, what you want to bring out, what it will represent for you. Feel free to send me screenshots of my own pieces from Instagram that inspire you. The more info you share with me, the best!

More about my work

My logos are designed in my own style, with my own little creative mind and "universe" which takes inspiration from nature, the wild, horses, spirituality, minimalism, self-growth (...) but also towards a simpler, more minimalistic, sustainable and healthier life.

• Anything you share with me is confidential, nothing will be shared publicly. Also, I will always ask for your permission before sharing the final design publicly on social media or here.

• The number of propositions (sketch/draft) will vary from an option to another but I do not want to establish a fixed number of reworks. Logos have important and deep meanings that are yours only. It is very important to me that the design matches your business and your soul. 

• Any exchange can be done via mail, call, video conference or in person around a coffee or tea. I am based in Bern, Switzerland. I speak French and English fluently - and German. My writing skills in German need to be improved so I might reply in English but spoken German should not be a problem as soon as I am more comfortable (gotta get used to it again). :)

• I give myself the freedom to decline a logo request if I feel like it doesn't align to my art or lifestyle/vision. It is important to my heart and my art that I give myself the freedom to work with likeminded humans whose vision align to mine and work towards a better (equine) world, earth and environment. 🌱


- December 2022- 

EUR 500.00   |   USD 480.00   |   CHF 475.00

• Monochrome logo & coloured touches

• Title/text

• 2 design propositions (sketch/draft)

• Up to 4 edits until final result

• One-page graphic charter

• Delivered in .png & .ai files in both coloured/monochrome

EUR 750.00   |   USD 720.00   |   CHF 715.00

• Monochrome logo & coloured touches

• Title/text - declinable if possible (cf. graphic charter above)

• 3 to 4 design propositions (sketch/draft)

• One-page graphic charter

• Up to 6 edits until final result

Delivered in .png & .ai files in both coloured/monochrome

Extras - to be discussed:

- Business/brand name idea

- Future reworks and edits 

*I ask for a deposit of EUR 250 before starting working on the logo, after our first chat.

The amount will of course be reduced from the total price.

**please be aware that PayPal might add extra fees due to the currency change from CHF to your country's currency.

***more options may come in the followings months and prices may vary through the months and my official relocation to Switzerland at the end of the year.

Once I receive your story, your business name and your project, I will share with you some sketch ideas (the number will depend on the option chosen), ask for your feedback, go for the chosen design and work on whatever needs to be worked on. I will discuss with you until the final design is ready and speaks to your soul. Logos are sent as PNG, PSD and JPG and with a one-page graphic charter.




Choice & edits

Final design

The process can take up to a few weeks depending on our meetings, the reworks and edits.

If you have any question or require more information about the process, feel free to reach out. There is no ''stupid'' question. :)

Anja x

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