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logo design

I am beyond happy that my art brought you here. I have finally just started opening new slots for logo designs & their visual identity after a few years. Since I am slowly getting back on track, I have set special prices for logo designs at the bottom of the page.

A logo is the core of your business/brand. It is important for me to get to know as much as possible about yourself and your project in order to deliver a design that defines your brand, is in line with you and will endure over time.

My logos are designed in my own style, with my own little creative mind and world. I take inspiration from nature, the wild, horses, spirituality, minimalism, self-growth (...) and I aspire to build a simpler, more minimalistic, sustainable and healthier life - which I like communicating through my work as well.

the process in a few words...

Meetup – After a first exchange via email, we plan a first 30-40' online meeting to get to know each other and talk about your brand/business/services. You can share with me your wish, your aspirations, the story behind your business. Feel free to send me pictures of your brand beforehand, as well as screenshots of my own pieces from Instagram that inspire you. The more info you share with me, the best!

Research & concept proposals –  I will then dive deep into your brand and spend time brainstorming, researching (incl. market research, font research...) and sketching until I am ready to share with your initial concept proposals along with the first steps of your visual identity. The amount of concept proposals is one to two depending on our contract. Every step of the process comes with a 5 to 12 pages document where everything is explained and presented. That document will evolve through the process and, in the end, turn into your business' visual identity.

Revisions, final design & identity  –
 You will share with me your decision, your choice and your feedback. I will then start the first revision and work on anything that needs to be worked on. The amount of revisions depends on our contract. I will exchange with you until the final design is ready and speaks to your soul. Logos are sent as PNG, EPS and JPG and with a standard visual identity document, a custom document containing the brand's identity with a set of rules and standards that define how the logo should be presented and used consistently across various media and material.

2024 offers

Essential Pack

❀ Logo

❀ 1 to 3 logo variations

❀ Up to 5 secondary colors

 2 concept proposals 

❀ 3 to 4 revisions

❀ Graphic charter and business card layout

CHF 700.-

Additional options

❀ Additional concept proposals

❀ Additional revisions

❀ Corporate identity documents layouts (letter, invoice & receipt, flyer, notebook...)

❀ Packaging design

❀ Custom icons and illustrations for your business' identity

Photoshoots for your brand identity (depending on location)  click here for a sneak peek!

❀ Social media content

From CHF 50.-/hour

*I ask for a down payment of 50% before starting working on the project, after our first meeting

*Payment methods: Twint, Bank transfer, PayPal (beware of fees), Revolut

*I am based in Switzerland: prices are therefore in Swiss CHF

more about my work

• Anything you share with me is confidential, nothing will be shared publicly. Also, I will always ask for your permission before sharing the final design publicly on social media or here.

• The number of concept proposals will vary from an option to another. Logos have important and deep meanings that are yours only. It is very important to me that the design matches your business and your soul. 

• Any exchange can be done via email, call, video conference or in person around a coffee or tea. I am based in Switzerland. A second 40' online meeting can always be planned if needed (included in the offer). I speak French and English fluently - and German very well. I used to speak Italian fluently but I haven't practiced in years, unfortunately. 

• I give myself the freedom to decline a logo request if I feel like it doesn't align to my art or lifestyle/vision. It is important to my heart and my art that I give myself the freedom to work with likeminded humans whose vision align to mine and work towards a better world, earth and environment. 🌱

• I take one to two projects at the same time (depending on their workload) as I am only working 20% as a freelancer at the moment. For this reason, please be aware that design processes will take longer than full-time equivalent. If I am already working on projects, I will keep you in my 'waiting' list and contact you as soon as I have availability. Thank you for your understanding. :)

The process will take up to a few weeks to 2 months depending on our meetings, the frequency of your feedback (take your time, no rush!) and the revisions.


If you would like to work with me and create a logo & visual identity for your business/services/brand, please send me a message and if you have any question or require more information about the process, feel free to reach out as well. There is no ''stupid'' question. :)

Anja x

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