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I have been wanting to open a logo store for some time and I am now finally starting to work on a fe w pieces!

What is it?

It's an online store where you can find already-made logos available as a one-time purchase (so they are unique for you, of course). They are ideal for any budget, as I understand that the amount of time a custom made process takes isn't always affordable for every small business.

Each logo purchase comes with:

· A name edit: your brand's or business' name will be designed and/or re-adapted

· A small graphic charter document containing your vision & mission and a set of rules and standards that define how the logo should be presented and used consistently accros various media and material.

There won't be a lot of available logos at a time but keep an eye open for new additions! :)

available logos:

The Healing Touch

the process in a few words...

First contact – if a logo design has caught your soul, send me an email and tell me more about your projects and why this specific design. Logos have important and deep meanings that are yours only. It is very important to me that the design matches your business and your soul. :)
Once accepted, I will send you a small contract and the logo's product page for the purchase.

I give myself the freedom to decline a logo request if I feel like it doesn't align to my art or lifestyle/vision. It is important to my heart and my art that I give myself the freedom to work with likeminded humans whose vision align to mine and work towards a better world, earth and environment. 🌱

Revision – I will then dive into your brand and adapt your brand's name to the chosen logo design. The standard graphic charter will be adapted as well. If you have any questions or wish, you can always contact me.

Final design & identity  –  You will receive your final logo in all necessary formats and colors along with the standard visual identity document. 

Additional edits  –  Edits on the logo can be done with additional fees (starting from CHF 40):

❀ Logo edits/revisions

❀ Corporate identity documents layouts (business card, letter, invoice & receipt, flyer...)

❀ Packaging design

❀ Custom icons and illustrations for your business' identity

more about my work

• Anything you share with me is confidential, nothing will be shared publicly. Also, I will always ask for your permission before sharing the final design publicly on social media or here.

• I take one to two projects at the same time (depending on their workload) as I am only working 20% as a freelancer at the moment. For this reason, please be aware that design processes will take longer than full-time equivalent. If I am already working on projects, I will keep you in my 'waiting' list and contact you as soon as I have availability. Thank you for your understanding. :)

The process can take up to a few weeks depending on our meetings, the frequency of your feedback (take your time, no rush!).


If you have any question or require more information about the process, feel free to reach out. There is no ''stupid'' question. :)


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