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shop - coming sooooon!

Hi! glad to have you here :)

My own e-shop is still under construction... in the meantime, you can order my merch or art on Etsy or drop me an email at for any order including your choice and your address.


I will then send you the final price (incl. shipping) and send you a PayPal request (or Twint if you are based in Switzerland). Please be aware that due to the currency change between CH and your country, PayPal might add fees. :)

  • my illustrations are designed with love by my passionate mind between Switzerland and The Netherlands

  • inks are vegan and water-based

  • fabrics are made of organic cotton and/or recycled polyester by sustainable brands whose most important values are respect for people and the planet

  • products are as ‘clean’ as possible: both in terms of their manufacture and the conditions in which they were produced

  • no-plastic packaging: only recyclable cardboard sleeves or soft sleeves made of recycled material.

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