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bespoke artwork

With the same process as a custom tattoo design, I now also offer the possibility to order a (digital) custom art piece made specially for you.

Tell me your story and I will turn it into a unique artwork. You can share with me your wish, the story behind it, why you want it, what you want to bring out, what it will represent for you etc. Feel free to send me screenshots of my own pieces from Instagram that inspire you. The more info you share with me, the best.

what I offer

Each option has some of my previous pieces so you can have a quick idea of their style and what to expect.

Process and info are explained at the bottom of the page.


 very minimalistic & simple style


one main subject and very few elements around/in it

CHF 60 - 80

depending if defined idea or not, elements...


one main subject with more elements around it

• monochrome + touches of colours (if wished)

• a word or sentence can be added

CHF 120